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What does it mean to be a Charging Point Holder?

A Charging Point Holder (CPH) is an individual, natural, legal or similar, owner of a charging station, located in a private access space, for their own use or for a limited number of users, and is integrated in the Electric Mobility Network at the owner’s free will.

The Charging Point Holder’s activity cannot have a commercial nature.

The owner of the installation location may select an operator, who shall remain responsible for the site’s installation and operation or acquire directly from a manufacturer the equipment in line with the Mobi.E System.

With the station’s connection to the Electric Mobility Network, the energy consumed is paid by the electric vehicle users to the respective Electric Mobility Suppliers (EMSP) and shall be deducted from the energy to be paid by the station’s owner where the point is found to be installed.

The installation of a charging station as a CPH enables:

  • Various tenants to share the same charging station, each one paying for the energy consumed from their EMSP, and guaranteeing that the energy in question is removed from the condominium’s consumption;
  • An electric vehicle to be charged at home, with the energy being paid like in any other charging station of the mobility network, in other words, by the responsible for the contract with the EMSP (for example by their company, if they supply one a card for the charging of electric vehicles).
  • That a company can hold a charging point and its employees or customers can use that point to charge the batteries of their vehicles, with the energy paid by the user of the vehicle in accordance with the respective contract with the EMSP.


How to be a CPH:

Contactar a MOBI.E

Install a station that has already been validated for the Mobi.E Network. Consult manufacturers and validated models here;

Having DPC status, how one can install a station:

• Obtain authorization from the location’s owner for the installation of the station (in the case of condominiums one should follow the procedures referred to in article 29 of the Decree-Law no. 39/2010, in its current version);

• Contact a company for the acquisition and installation of the charging station, guaranteeing that they have the connection functionality to the Mobi.E network and that the system is configured with success;

• After this connection, MOBI.E shall proceed with the station’s integration in the Mobi.E network and inform the DPC of when the process has been completed (average period of 15 days).

With the station installed and integrated in the Mobi.E network, it becomes useable like any other charging station from the network, in other words, the energy consumed shall be paid by the users in accordance with the contracts signed with the respective EMSPs, thus not being included in the Charging Point Holder’s energy invoices.

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