How to validate a station (equipment) on the Mobi.E network?

To integrate the Mobi.E network the charging station that your company produces or represents, should verify, at least, the following requirements:

  • Allow internet connection through 3G and/or Ethernet and/or Wifi;
  • Normal charging stations must have Type 2 sockets (CEI 62196-2);
  • Fast charging stations must have, at least, Type 2 Combo connector cables;
  • Have EC marking and approval in accordance with CEI61851;
  • Have a RFID card reader in accordance with the ISO/CEI 14443ª (optional if allows authentication through mobile apps);
  • Have implemented the OCPP communication protocol version 1.5 or above;
  • Energy meters per outlet socket in accordance with Directive 2014/32/EU (MID);
  • Communication with the MOBI.E System (to carry out validation tests, contact;

If these conditions are met, just contact us.

TECHNICAL RULE NO. 1/MOBI.E/2019 - Communication Protocol for Measuring Equipment from Integrated Charging Stations in the Electric Mobility Network, with EGME’s Management System.  

Validated stations of the Mobi.E Network

Currently, the manufacturers with charging stations that have already been validated and authorized in the Mobi.E Network are:


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