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How to be a CPO?

Operador de Ponto de Carregamento

The CPO is the licensed holder, according to articles 14 and 15 of the Decree-Law no. 39/2010, (see here), whose activity consists in the installation, provision, operation and maintenance of charging points pertaining to public or private access, integrated into the electric mobility network.

Procedures followed in order to become a Charging Point Operator (CPO):

Passo 1

Request, from the Directorate-General of Energy and Geology (, a Charging Point Operator license;

Passo 3

Proceed with the installation of the charging stations.

* No caso do Acordo ser assinado por procurador, a procuração tem de vir assinada por quem tenha poderes para vincular a entidade.

With the CPO license, the operator may advance with the installation of charging stations, turning to manufacturers whose equipment has already been validated for usage in the Mobi.E network, in:

  • Public access places – provided that they possess licenses for private use of the public domain;
  • Private spaces for public or private access - provided that they possess authorization from the owner of the respective space.

In all cases where connection to the technical systems used by the Electric Mobility Network Managing Entity is mandatory, the operator must guarantee technical, technological and safety compatibility between the charging equipment that they install and the systems and equipment of the Electric Mobility Network, the Electric Mobility Network Managing Entity and the electricity distribution network.  

In legislative terms, the Decree-Law no. 90/2014 should be noted (basic legislation and global framework) (see here), as well as the following ordinances for the licensing process for being a charging point operator:

Asset Publisher

  • PORTARIA N.º 241_2015 - Establishes the technical requirements attached to the licence attribution for exercising the operation activity of charging stations from the electric mobility network, as well as some procedural rules applicable to the instruction of the respective application.
  • PORTARIA N.º 240_2015 - Sets the value of the due fees for the request’s appraisal and the effectuation of registering the commercialisation of electricity for electric mobility, for the operation license of charging stations and for the completion of periodic inspections.

Note: this summary does not replace the reading of official documentation related to the electric mobility framework.

Telephonic service

24/7 availability - FREE

CPOs must provide a free 24-hour telephone service so that UVEs can report any problems they have with the use of the charging station.

The toll-free telephone number must be posted at the post in a clearly visible place.

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