A MOBI.Charger is the owner of a charging station installed in a small or medium-sized commercial space (hotel, restaurant or other), located in a private space with private access that is made available to its customers and that is integrated into the Mobi.E network.

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What does it mean to be MOBI.Charger?

This is an additional service available to customers either directly, by purchasing the equipment from a manufacturer, becoming a Charging Point Holder, or through a Charging Point Operator, who will be responsible for the installation and operation of the station.

The customer will therefore be able to use this station like any other in the network, with a card or app provided by an Electricity Supplier for Electric Mobility, with the energy consumed not being charged to the owner of the charging station.

What are the advantages of being MOBI.Charger?

By becoming MOBI.Charger, the owner receives a “MOBI.Charger” signage that can be fixed in a visible place in his commercial space, so that all customers can identify the space as a member of the Mobi.E network.

On its website, MOBI.E, will publish the list of all MOBI.Chargers and their location with a differentiated identifier on the network map, with the commercial name, so that the growing number of electric vehicle users have real-time knowledge of charging station availability.

How to be MOBI.Charger?

Step 1

Install a validated post for the Mobi.E network. Check out manufacturers and validated models here. You can also contact a Charging Point Operator to install the station.

Step 2

Join the Mobi.E network if DPC (see here Adhesion Agreement and download). In the case of hiring a OPC Charger, he will handle the process.

Step 3

Upon joining, you will automatically receive the “MOBI.Charger” signage and your post will be identified on the MOBI.E website, appearing in the Mobi.Chargers listing and on the network map.