The Mobi.E Network, or National Electric Mobility Network, is a network of electric vehicle charging stations for universal access, interoperable and centred on the user. Currently, the network has more than 1.950 charging points nationwide, with more than 400 being fast or ultra-fast charging points, in other words, their power is higher than 22 kW.

An universal network

The Mobi.E Network enables everyone to charge their vehicle at any of the Network’s charging points (Mainland, Azores and Madeira), regardless of the Charging Point Operator (CPO) or the Charging Point Owner (DPC), provided that they have a valid contract with any Electric Mobility Supplier (EMSP).

The network includes:

  • All public access charging points installed by any of the OPCs.
  • Private access charging points connected to the network by the DPC option.

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How to charge your electric vehicle?

To charge your vehicle you may use any charging station from the Mobi.E Network.
Just join a business proposal from one of the Electric Mobility Service Providers (CEME in Portugal), which grants you means of access. 
Then, go to any available charging station that is nearest to you and via a card or an app, select the socket and charge.
The invoice that you shall receive from the EMSP  that you contracted from should itemise the amounts due by: the electric vehicle charge, use of the charging station, other services that may be provided, fees and taxes.

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Know that...

The CPO should guarantee for free a 24 hour emergency phone service, in addition to an email service. This number can be found illustrated at the charging station and should be used in the event of a malfunction or a problem in charging.